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We, as customers, want everything as per our requirement, mood and emergency. We hate to wait and we definitely hate to get out of our comfort zones. So, for the immediate fulfillment of our needs through convenient methods, tech enthusiasts started disrupting different sectors, starting with ground transportation. Uber disrupted transportation sector and has become an indispensable part of our lives. On-demand economy had just born when companies started implementing it in various sectors like Airbnb in rentals, Glamsquad in beauty, Zomato in food and then there was Uber for X for everything. The strangest businesses started adopting the Uber model and some were an instant hit among the target audience. The newest addition to this is Uber For Weed or Uber For Pot.

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Medical cannabis market is expected to reach $13.3 billion value by 2020 whereas recreational cannabis sales would shoot up to $11.2 billion in 2020 from just 2.6 billion in 2017. Apparently, investors seem more than interested in this specific industry where they can earn huge profits in just a few years.

Uber for X model involves delivering goods at customers’ doorsteps. That being said, does uber for weed also function in the same manner? Considering the fact that marijuana is not only used for medical purposes, this model would have some changes to ensure people are not misusing it. To understand how this model works, let us explore Eaze, the first online weed selling an app in the United States and find out how they handle too much cannabis at work (no kidding).

EAZE Knows It The Best

Eaze is a cannabis startup based out of San Francisco that was founded in 2014 with an aim to enable online ordering of cannabis by patients for medical use. The startup has now expanded to 100 cities and claims to have served more than 200, 000 people. The legalization of marijuana has definitely increased the scope of this sector.

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Medical Weed Card

To smoke weed in the States, you must have a weed card. Eaze also ensures that you have a medical weed card. However, if you don’t it helps you get one over the phone call in less than 10 minutes. A video doctor consultation that costs $30 is all that you need to do.

Ordering Weed

Customers are asked to enter their zip code according to which different types of weed that are available near the patient’s location are displayed. Customer can select and place which is fulfilled within 30 minutes. The stock is supplied from Proposition 215 compliant dispensaries which are delivered by the Eaze drivers. The company is known for its efficient and speedy deliveries that uses effective route optimization algorithms and GPS features.

Real-time Inventory

Traditional weed businesses faced the challenge of maintaining the weed inventory. With technology at the forefront, the inventory management becomes automated. There is no need for you to update the stock numbers every time a customer purchases cannabis from your platform. Therefore, even if you stock up your own weed or have other dispensaries connected to your platform, you don’t need to do the manual stock updation.

Route Optimization

Medical weed has to be delivered quickly in case of emergencies. Thus, it is very important to ensure the on-time deliveries. Eaze uses efficient order assignment as well as route optimization. The order is assigned to the nearest driver available. The drivers use optimized routes, given by the software, to reach the destination. This is how Eaze’s fast delivery works and they succeed in delivering weed in less than 20 minutes.

Business Insight Program

BIP makes Eaze extraordinary as it empowers weed manufacturers as well as producers. The organization is data-driven and believes in setting strong methodologies on the basis of collected customer data. BIP lets the weed cultivators understand what their customers want, how are they responding to different types and what should be done next. This program has been designed to bridge the gap between the weed sellers and buyers.  Bloom Farms, STATE Wellness, Altai Confections, Dixie Elixirs, hmbldt and Chong’s Choice are some of the weed firms that use this program to educate their customers about their products.

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2018 is the WEED year

The stoner stereotypes are fading away with the legalisation of cannabis. People are becoming more aware of its health benefits and have started to accept it more than just a joint. As per the data reports, CBD dominant marijuana products are sold more because of the healing and inflammation properties. People have been using marijuana to help them quit alcohol. Also, it has substituted other harmful painkillers too. All these wellness properties will help in spreading the legal weed business across the world. The industry is in its infancy but is growing at a good rate. Trusted brands are regulating their marijuana stocks consistently to ensure they can meet the customer expectations, the legit way.

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    So much opportunity in the cannabis industry. Have fun with it, everybody!

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    Great news. Expect more job and businesses come along way. We all be happy for it.

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