BlaBla Car Business Model- How It Works & Generates Revenue

‘Save money and reduce the cost of fuel.’


This statement has become the new motto for the current generation. Eventually, this has led us to experience carpooling more often than we ever thought possible. 


Now when talking about carpooling apps, it’s hard not to mention a brand like BlaBlaCar which has been gaining popularity for its unique and ultra-flexible taxi services. This French online carpooling marketplace is acting as a bridge between car owners and passengers who are willing to share the overall travel or fuel costs. 

Statistics Of BlaBlaCar 

Giving you a closer look at one of the most preferred community-based travel networks – BlaBlaCar

stats of blablacar app


In 2019, BlaBlaCar announced revenue growth of 71% as compared to the previous year (2018). By then the profit has been accelerating for the brand making it a preferred name in the carpooling world. 


It may interest you to know that every day more than 1,35,000 people travel using the BlaBlaCar services in France. The unbeatable success stories of BlaBlaCar have encouraged many entrepreneurs to get build and launch a BlaBlaCar-like carpooling app in the marketplace. 


If you are considering getting developed and launching a BlaBlaCar clone app, here’s something important for you. 


Let’s Get Started!


The first thing to know when thinking about developing a BlaBlaCar clone app is a business and revenue model.

BlaBlaCar Business Model 

BlaBlaCar App Business Model


This rideshare app consists of two app interfaces for – drivers/car owners and passengers. The car owners or drivers can put their vehicle on BlaBlaCar’s online app/portal to display it as available for accepting ride requests. Furthermore, the passengers get the liberty to find and request a ride for a location at nominal charges. 


Key Features Of BlaBlaCar App 

Car Owners/Passengers 

Easy Sign up/Log In 

Drivers can create an account on the platform via a quick and easy sign-up process. This unlocks a series of features ranging from accepting ride requests and completing the tour. 


Ride Details

Drivers can update the upcoming ride details including ride location, time, pickup, and drop exact location with a landmark for convenience. This helps the passengers to book a ride faster. 


Payment Gateway 

Drivers can leverage multiple third-party integrations incorporated for faster, easier, and safer transactions via the app. This ridesharing app consists of payment methods like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, UPI, etc. 


Accept/Reject Rides 

The drivers get complete liberty of accepting or rejecting the upcoming ridesharing requests on the basis of a legit reason like – a different pickup/drop location, low ridesharing fare offered, etc. 


Reviews And Ratings 

The passengers can share their journey experience with the upcoming end-users through the review and rating features. 


Update Details 

Drivers get the complete liberty to update the vehicle and ridesharing charges on the app. Plus, s/he can edit or update personal details like car vehicle number, personal information, etc. for users’ reference. 




End-users can create a personalized account on the ridesharing app by entering unique credentials. This gives direct access to ride booking, rating, and many other features. 


Search Drivers 

Users can search for drivers or ridesharing options available for a particular location. Therefore, it helps in picking a ridesharing service provider with the lowest fare charges mentioned.


In-App Call/Text 

End-users can connect with the car owner/ridesharing provider/driver through messages or call feature. The calls and messages are initiated through the app itself to keep a track of communication done between two parties. 

Reviews & Ratings 

The users can rate and review the ridesharing experience to help the upcoming users book a ride comfortably without a doubt. 



Manage Drivers

Admin gets complete control over the rides through an interactive dashboard. It enables you to add/remove and view the driver’s details, and trip details with one click. 



Admin can add as many coupons and discounted deals to let users avail and book a ride without letting it cost a leg and an arm. This helps to expand and encourage more and more users to join the rideshare platform. 


Manage Users 

Rideshare app admin can view the entire list of active users riding or scheduling rides. This feature proves helpful to verify and keep track of all rides initiated in a particular region. 



It is the responsibility of the admin to evaluate the total profit earned on each ride and split the share among the rideshare company and driver based on the decided percentage. 

Want A Quick Overview On Developing A Ridesharing App & Get Success? Here’s A Video For You!

Revenue Model Of BlaBlaCar App 

It’s essential to understand how it lets the drivers generate revenue before you hop on the mobile app development process. The app is built using a well-strategic plan consisting of multiple revenue generation streams. This ensures a 100% success rate for your business. 


Ridesharing Fare

The drivers get a fair share of the fuel expenses for the journey. Furthermore, the total profit generated on each ride is split between the driver and the ridesharing service provider. 



In 2021, BlaBlaCar announced the successful acquisition of Octobus. This became possible with the fundraising of $115 million. Octopus is one of the digital platforms used for digitizing multiple operational activities. In exchange for automating the processes, the ridesharing businesses seek a monthly or quarterly subscription fee. There are three plans available – basic, smart, and pro to choose from. 


Car Insurance Policies 

BlaBlaCar clone rideshare apps can see car insurance policies as a revenue-generating source. The app can offer drivers a car insurance policy covering protecting them against multiple risks like civil liability, weather-related mishappenings, broken glasses, theft cases, and much more. 


Eager To Start A BlaBlaCar Clone App & Kickstart Your Ridesharing Business?

We at Code Brew Labs hold decades of experience in developing and delivering on-demand ridesharing apps in 3 weeks. Our team of knowledge-rich developers works on the latest technology stack follows the agile methodology and evaluates your business needs minutely, so you can have a robust final product ready within weeks.


As of now, we have served up to 1000 businesses with a reliable & customizable ridesharing app yet we continue to strive and prove ourselves as a preferred on-demand app development company suiting your business needs. Be it developing and launching a BlaBlaCar clone app or developing a new concept from scratch, we have got you covered. 

July 8, 2022



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