8 Must-have Features Of The Best Delivery Management Software

Date :
February 12, 2021
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Amit Rana

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8 Must-have Features Of The Best Delivery Management Software

The pandemic has drastically changed our shopping preferences. We now need everything in a trice and while the same-day or same-hour delivery options have gained prominence in recent times, we only wonder if we have the right technology to make it happen. Businesses are indeed struggling to find the best delivery management software to cater to their dispatch services.

In eCommerce, the shipping of goods is as much about software and notifications as it is about trucks and cargo planes.

Source: Forbes

The increasing demand for home deliveries and services demands a comprehensive delivery management system that is highly efficient, responsive, and agile. And while most automated dispatch software promises an experience of a kind, only a select few actually match the high-quality delivery expectations.

So, here’s your ultimate guide to selecting the right and the best delivery management software for your business.

Top Features of Best Delivery Management Software Ahead

The on-demand industry is experiencing something of a renaissance, however with this evolution comes many challenges. Amidst these challenges, we understood the need to help you choose the Best Delivery Management Software for your business processes ahead.

Given below are 8 features that let us stand out and become the Best Delivery Management Software around.

1. Intelligent Order Management

The first and most important feature to look for in any delivery management software is the efficiency with which the orders are assigned/reassigned to the workforce. The delivery management software has eliminated the need to assign the tasks manually and instead introduced automated dispatching, which ensures that the right agent is headed for the right job at the right time.

This not only saves time but also leads to better customer engagement, which is crucial for better business.

2. Route Optimization

How exactly does dispatch software ensure that the orders reach just in time?

Gone are the days when logistics managers would hand-out the route maps to the agents or give directions over phone calls. The dispatch software is equipped with route optimization software that picks the shortest and fastest routes for its agents.

In addition to picking the most efficient routes for fast deliveries, it also takes multiple factors into account such as traffic congestion to anticipate delays and make real-time route adjustments for the agents.

3. Business Mobility

The success of any delivery management software depends on how well informed are the end-users and delivery agents. A good delivery management system must have a smooth mobile interface that provides access to real-time updates to everyone involved in the delivery cycle, right from managers and agents to end customers.

The information should be about customer data, available time slots, route information, delivery verification details, or payment options. The objective is to minimize the communication gap to maximize operational efficiency which is only addressed with a system that is easily configured on all devices.

4. Real-time Updates

Real-time alerts and push notifications have altered customer expectations. Customers want to track the status of their order delivery at all times, even if it is two days apart. A good delivery management software should allow customers the liberty to track their deliveries at every stage and communicate with the agent if needed.

The live-tracking has several perks and brings more transparency in the entire dispatch process. It helps in tracking the fleet, optimize routes, and analyze the pick-up/drop timings which ultimately fastens the delivery process.

5. Seamless Integration

The dispatch software that you choose should integrate well with your existing order of operations, while also allowing flexibility for future developments. Seamless integration is vital because it helps you add new features without much hassle.

Scalability is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a delivery management software. The dispatch software must be easily able to accommodate changes to meet the evolving business and customer requirements.

6. Analytical Reports

Well, no matter how efficient you think your delivery management software is, you have to know your platform efficiency by digging deep into data insights. Proper analytical reports and intelligent dashboards confirm the progress you’ve made so far, helping you in identifying the gaps and making suitable adjustments wherever needed.

The data-driven insights or performance analysis reports improve the on-demand delivery experience and result in improved business proficiency.

7. Digital Proof of Delivery

The digital proof of delivery or POD has gained immense significance in the post-covid world. But besides contactless delivery options, a POD is of great help in dealing with client disputes, exchanges, and post-sale complaints. The digital delivery acknowledgments are also important for the safety of both drivers and customers.

8. Reverse Logistics

Remember, reverse logistics is as important as the traditional logistics model. The efficiency of the return/exchange process ultimately defines the customers’ experience. The delivery management software that you choose for your business must be equally efficient with reverse logistics. A robust reverse logistics setup leads to higher retention rates, increases productivity, and improves overall business proficiency.

Business Benefits from the Best Delivery Management Software

Here’s how your business could leverage from fast and highly responsive delivery management solutions:

  1. Increase in the number of per-day deliveries
  2. Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  3. Reduction in overall delivery cost
  4. Saves time and labor by deploying the right agent for the right job
  5. Faster turn-around time
  6. Real-time visibility for improved operations
  7. Better accountability and transparency
  8. Better resource utilization leads to increased productivity
  9. Lesser to no technical disruptions that ensure business consistency

Choosing the Best Delivery Management Software!

The best delivery management software is the one that considers both business and customer requirements and provides flexibility on all fronts. It will ensure that the right agents are assigned for the right job which improves employee retention and will also ensure that the customers’ complaints are addressed in seamless ways. These features minimize human intervention by automating most of the tasks while promising a better return on investment.

Summing Up…

We understand that choosing the best delivery management software for your business might be challenging on your part. Because there are so many options to choose from. However, the right software is the one that is tailored fit to your business needs and long-term goals.

While there is a pool of services to choose from, Code Brew Labs is one software that is trusted amongst several brands to offer the right delivery dispatch services for any business. As a leading mobile app development company, we build applications that help any business grow and scale.

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