A Complete Guide To Develop An On-Demand App

Latest on-demand softwares have offered lifetime opportunity for business and consumers to accept services whenever they wish to avail. The high paced technology companies battling in this forefront have developed the latest patterns, helping businesses that were otherwise slow to update.

The taxi services, beauty services, and food applications are essential models of on-demand fields developing in the world. On-demand exempt have shaped useful business standards which can meet the demands of customers in a practical, scalable, and capable approach than their ancestors.

On-demand markets have more efficiently overpowered technology while employing competing base.General buying on smartphones is the most basic move in buyer history in the initial time, and customers can purchase anything they desire with a single tap.

Know your target audience

It is the first and foremost step to know the target of your service. They can range from travelers and family persons to general buyers, food lovers, impulsive shoppers, etc.

Know the common problem

Everybody faces specific problems while availing services. Like, before the launching of Uber, it was hard for passengers to find a cab. So, uber launched the taxi service. So check out all the possible problems and provide an additional inclusive solution.

Plan features

Reveal the features of a specific application. Here are some essential functions of all the actors that must be defined.

Features Of Customer App

Pop Up notification

It is an essential feature of all On-Demand Apps. It notifies the user about the latest product launch, events, and offers.

Live to track

It enables users to trace their deliverable real time. It allows your app to be reliable and worth using.

Payment system

Your app must support various payment choices. Make sure the process must be secure, reliable and fast. This feature to make your app power packed.


It assists the clients to identify their preferred services and products. It supports them to get them out immediately and preserve their power by exploring them.

Feedback and ratings

A must have for all On-Demand Apps; it encourages customers to rank their skill which assists as a review for the services.

Features Of Vendor App

Push notification

Through this feature, the vendor gets a notification when the user avails the service.

Accepting & declining requests

Service providers will have the authorization to allow or deny a demand within a given time.

Record wages

Vendors have the feature to trace their profits. It encourages them to propose their day more efficiently.

Decide the availability of your service

The vendor must be able to determine service availability. They can choose when they are ready and when not for providing the service.

Features Of Admin app


Your app is half-done without a customizable Admin Dashboard that can quickly operate various sections commencing both vendors and users.

Manage users

Being an admin, you can handle all customer’s concerns from discounts, payments,  cancellation charges, discounts, resolving all queries.

Manage service provider

Admin can handle all service provider’s operations from incentives, earning to penalties.

Discounts and commissions

You can control price, and it can vary according to demand. You can also add commission factor for stable transactions and commission distribution.

Analytics & reports

It provides the data including the number of times the service is availed, discarded and redone. It also determines which part of the business is performing adequately and which one is striving. It assists in obtaining necessary insights which support to dodge the bottlenecks and to enhance your services.

Once each app is gracefully coded, combine them with your existent supervision system and obtain them to operate in agreement and intended.

Test Your App

Test your outcome. Begin with the developers, then the testing team. Enable your developer’s association to operate it in private beta and ultimately deliver the public beta. Start this series again whenever you add the latest characteristics or conduct app rebuild to ensure least bugs in the concluding output and excellent consumer satisfaction.


When your app is full of features, advertise on the corresponding app stores. If the apps get disapproved, act on the feedback, solve the issue, and try to republish. Apple is notorious for refusing new applications.

We have tried to provide you the complete guide to developing an On-Demand App. This will surely help you in your next venture. If you have any concern that you wish to discuss with us or require any mobile app development services then you can contact us anytime.

April 1, 2019



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