20 Most Promising Mobile App Ideas For Startups in 2022

20 Most Promising Mobile App Ideas For Startups in 2022

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of human lives. Having a web presence of your business is not enough to remain competitive in the market. If you don’t leverage mobile apps, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities to increase your revenue.

 Statistically, 57% of digital media usage comes from mobile apps. People prefer using apps for mobile research. It is expected that the user base will be doubled by 2021 and the app economy will grow by millions. Aren’t these stats enough to let you understand the importance of mobile apps in today’s world? 

We understand that coming up with the best app ideas isn’t easy. It is one of the most essential and difficult parts of building an app. So, here we have prepared a list of 20  mobile app development ideas for startups through which you can generate huge revenue.

1.     Travel Suggestion App

There is no dearth of travelers around the world. As much as people love traveling, they love exploring new places. If you create an app that helps them connect with other people and lets them explore adventurous & exciting places, you can easily set up a strong foot in the industry. Think about it!

2.     Translation App

Not everybody loves taking foreign language classes. Help people travel abroad without having to learn the native language. Create an app that will translate words to their language so that they can easily understand what they are listening to or reading. Isn’t the idea impressive?

3.     Cooking Assistant App

Passing down recipes is an old-age tradition. But in today’s digitalized world, people search for the best recipes online. Create an app that makes cooking recipes handy for individuals who love cooking. Let your app offer inspiring recipes to make new dishes and improve existing ones. These types of apps are in high demand. Gamble your luck to earn huge profits!

4.     Food Delivery App

This app will be used to locate cheap and best food delivery services. All the user need to do is fill in their necessary details. And then check whether the delivery service is available for the item or not. This is a wonderful idea as who doesn’t want to have the best food at cheap rates?

5.    Wish Granting App

This app will ask the users about their ultimate wish. Let’s say a user chooses to be a CEO of an advertising company, then the app will scan for the most well-known CEO of an advertising company and tell the user how that individual was able to accomplish the objective. Likewise, it will compare the current circumstances of the users and will guide them through the journey. Anybody who wants to achieve their goals, will use such an app. Perhaps, this number is going to be huge!

6.     On-Demand Car Wash App

This app will offer exceptional on-demand car detailing services to the users. What’s unique in this app is that it will also provide the users with guaranteed washers. Moreover, these washers will use effective strategies and products to make the vehicles look their best. It’s a wonderful app idea for both iOS and Android.

 7.     Personal Budget App

By creating an app like this, you can help individuals deal with their regular finances. Regardless of everything, people want to save money because it adds to their financial security. It is difficult for people to manage their expenses manually. If there will be an app that helps them with the issue, they will definitely use it. And more the number of downloads, higher the revenue.

8.     Live Training App

How often do you watch a tutorial when you are up with something new? Almost every time, right? People want ready-to-serve content. With an app that offers live training videos (cloud-based), you may help various organizations train their pupils, workers, sellers or customers with an easy-to-learn and engaging approach. This is a customer-centric app idea and is guaranteed to be successful.

9.     Disaster Alert App

This app will automatically caution the user in case of any natural disaster and recommend rescue suggestions. With this kind of app, you will be able to trigger positive human emotions as the users will feel a sense of safety. And connecting with the user base on an emotional level is probably one of the best ways to increase your reach. Yes! That’s true! Isn’t it amazing?

10.     Finding a Public Transport App

While traveling to new corners of the city, most people don’t know which bus to take to reach the destination. This app is basically based on the idea to suggest the most suitable transport option to the users. And why would people not download an app that reduces their hassles? Of course, they will. We suggest you invest in this kind of app for profits.

 11.    Parking App



Finding a perfect parking space is a real struggle. Creating an app that allows users to get a parking space, will not only help them in their day-to-day lives but also guarantee profits to you. The app will utilize GPS, area, webcams, and parking information to locate a free parking spot around the user in real-time.

12.     Finding an Eating Partner App

Having somebody to share your food with is just wonderful. This app will find a close-by restaurant/cafeteria and set the user up on a food date with somebody who shares the same taste and schedule. However, it is totally on the users whether they want to acknowledge or dismiss the suggestion. Trust us, this kind of app has a wonderful future in real-time.

13.     No Brokerage App

This app will connect tenants and landlords directly. It will enable the landlords to find potential tenants, and let the existing tenants communicate with landlords regarding property issues, maintenance requirements, rent, etc. This app will be a success in the market as it will save a huge brokerage fee.

14.     Truckloader App

Many a time, people want to shift or deliver goods to places in a short time. But they don’t get the services at the right time. On the contrary, vehicles return empty after unloading. Truckloader is a kind of app that will provide data about vehicles that are available to take goods. The app can also offer a tracking feature that makes it reliable. Believe it or not, it is one of the most fascinating app ideas.

15.     Cash Tracker App

This app will keep track of the individuals who owe cash to the users and vice-versa. The app will store details such as names, pending amounts, due dates, etc. It will also alert the users of due dates and enable them to make timely payments via integrated payment options.

 16.    On-Demand Services App

This app is based on the idea of bringing the desired assistance – electrician, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, etc. wherever required. Everybody will download the kind of app that brings help at the entryway for every need of the users. And more the number of downloads, more the revenue generation! Now, would you not consider this profitable idea.

17.  Walk-to-Earn Type App

This is an amazing app idea where the users will be paid or credited to reach their fitness goals. Depending on the number of steps users take in a day, they will earn points that will later be converted into credits. This credit amount can be utilized to buy a limited number of specific goods available in the app list. The app idea is based on helping the users to stay fit and healthy.

18.    Gadget Repairing App

Gadget Repair

Gadget Repair

Probably, this is one of the smartest app ideas. Why? Because everybody uses gadgets. From smartphones to laptops to home appliances, everybody is surrounded by gadgets. Regardless of any location, make this your business idea and help people by fixing their gadgets. The user will be able to submit their requests for parts and instruction kits to repair device companies to fix any kind of electronic gadget.

 19.    Blockchain Tax/Invoicing App

Planning taxes is cumbersome. So, here is a wonderful app idea for expense management – Blockchain Tax App. This app will calculate how much tax the user needs to pay as per his income and guarantee that the right amount of expense is constantly paid.

20.     Health Emergency App

There are numerous people who had lost their lives because they couldn’t contact a specialist. Or even if they were able to, lack of proper medical history had led to inappropriate treatment/diagnosis. What if you build an app that stores the individual’s health database? This will facilitate the patient to contact the specialist at the time of the emergency. And also, it will help the doctor get a clearer view of the patients’ sickness and history.

So, these were some of the amazing app ideas that promises great profits. Once you have decided with an idea, the next thing is to hire the best mobile app developers who can transform it into real. 

Whether you choose any of the above, or you have something unique, Code Brew has got you covered. For the best iOS app and Android app development services, trust the industry experts. Get in touch with us today!

November 21, 2019



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