14 Steps App Launch Strategy To Follow In 2023

Date :
February 24, 2023
Listed by :
Shilpi Chhabra

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Let’s Build Your Dream App!

14 Steps App Launch Strategy To Follow In 2023

The current business market seems dependent on apps, especially after businesses have decided to go online or operate virtually. And why not when apps hold the potential to almost tenfold the business profits overnight? As a result, the expected app market total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 6.91%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$641.10bn by 2027.

Such facts sufficiently narrate the upsurging demand for mobile apps in the marketplace. Now that was all about the impeccable potential of mobile apps. But what about getting it developed and launching it?

Launching an App – The New Corporate Milestone 

Businesses often anticipate some magic when launching their mobile apps in the marketplace. The only focus is to make it look as big as globally recognized apps like Uber, TikTok, Whatsapp, etc. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works! 

You need a full-proof app launch strategy on your tips to start rolling the ball! 

Let’s sail through the complete process and steps involved in mobile app development Dubai that speaks for itself in 2022 and many years to come. 

A Step-By-Step App Launch Process Explained For You

14 Steps App Launch Strategy To Follow In 2023


  1. Conduct in-depth research to know the market, learn about the market-dominating mobile apps & then analyze the areas where it’s lacking behind.
  2. Know your target audience in advance to develop an app launch & marketing strategy based on it. Pay attention to every detail, what your target audience would like, and how to approach them. 
  3. By now, start to develop a strong online presence with advertisements, social media promotions, and online communities and to make people aware of your upcoming app. 
  4. Display some attainable success goals to show a 100% success rate of the app. For this, you may need to work on gathering data like – how many users downloaded similar apps, reviews, etc.   
  5. Prefer cross-platform app versions (Android & iOS) so you can target the maximum target audience without fail. 
  6. Work on a promotional video to be shared pre-app launch. This can be considered a source to highlight the impeccable features & uses of your upcoming app. Make sure to keep it quick. 
  7. Choose app stores wisely to share your upcoming apps on. This helps you get a higher number of app users with improved rating concentration. 
  8. By this stage, make sure you run a paid ad campaign taking your app promotions on the top-notch search results. With this, you can target your fan pages or target the market directly. 
  9. Make maximum use of app store optimization by using the highest-ranked set of keywords, choosing a particular app category, and promoting your app under the same category.
  10. Join hands with social media influencers and ask them for shoutouts on your app’s promotional posts. This strategy exposes your app to the maximum audience in no time. 
  11. Prepare a press kit to engage your target audience at the event. The press kit should include- marketing collaterals, banners, an app manual, and other promotional stuff (app-oriented goodies). 
  12. Now you are all set to release a beta version of your app. Many brands like Spotify, Pinterest, and Google+ have already experienced success using this beta version app launch strategy. It helps you get a reality check experience while allowing you to seek genuine feedback in real-time.
  13. Try your hands-on affiliate marketing to connect with relevant businesses boosting your app’s usage and benefits in the market. For instance, to promote your home cleaning services app you should connect with multiple brands selling home cleaning products.
  14. Organize the app launch event on a grand level by inviting all stakeholders, social media influencers, and affiliate partners to get maximum exposure. 

The Final Word – 

The upsurging competition in the app market is a cause why many businesses and businessmen see an app launch strategy as a crucial business process. Now, this doesn’t mean an app launch is rocket science. All you need is to follow the above-listed steps wisely, involve all app stakeholders in the process, and evaluate your market type before the app launch. And you are done. 


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