What Makes Successful Mobile Apps Successful?

What Makes Successful Mobile Apps Successful?

Designing an app and making it a big hit, often seems to be an expensive and lengthy process. There is no way we can predict the success of an app in advance. Some say success comes from hard work. Some say success is a game of luck and fate. Whatever may be the answer, when it comes to developing a mobile app which creates a buzz in the whole market with tremendous revenue and profits, that success definitely doesn’t come from hard work or luck. Yes, you heard that right! Developing an app is all about creating solutions that help people and at the same time carry some edge against your competitors. There are numerous apps like Instagram, Uber, Youtube, WhatsApp, and Netflix etc. that although didn’t involve rocket science but went on to become the cream of both Playstore and Appstore. What has stayed common in all of them is the continuous climb of the ladder to be at the top. To determine what factors worked for which app can be a difficult task but there were definitely a few unique things that made few apps prosper at a skyrocketing speed. Learn their secrets in this highly informative blog. 



Youtube needs no description. It is the Google-owned video channel that is heads and shoulders above all the other video channels. Being an avid YouTuber follower myself, the wide plethora of viewing options Youtube offers can be found nowhere. The wide content variety and its everytime newness of the content never fail to deliver exclusive, entertaining and thrilling video content to every genre of the population.


Whatsapp is the biggest messaging app on all platforms since 2009. Whatsapp has a worth of $19 billion with a user base of more than a billion. The reason making it so popular is its ‘first of a kind’ app which has surpassed with its unique features like video and voice calling, broadcast messages, live sharing location etc. Also, ‘Whatsapp for the pocket’ let go of desktop users making people more mobile-oriented which gradually replaced every normal mobile functioning in the daily routine.



With Instagram amassing over 1 million users in just 2 months after its launch has grown its popularity in the last 8 years and become a highly addictive app. The magic of smart and quick uploading of photos with its inbuilt photo editor is one of the major reasons for Instagram’s success. Also, Instagram has provided a platform for artists to endorse and promote by creating user-generated content.


Uber was founded in 2009 in California. The main motive was to utilize the license of the taxi drivers for ride-sharing services. But eventually, it turned into a business model and gained huge profits. Slowly Uber disrupts the old industry by de-monopolizing the traditional drivers. As the demand for Uber increased, the prices for the same increased too. Uber’s brand loyalty and market strategy attributed to the success of Uber.



Netflix has emerged as an only movie and TV show monolith. The subscription-based app is producing heaps of binge-worthy original content. The reasonably priced subscriptions have made Netflix a global app with a revenue of $1.5 billion.


Snapchat is a great example of how a word of mouth can be the best medium for marketing. Snapchat, unlike other apps targeted on the rising trend of augmented and virtual reality and sharing live pictures to capture the target population i.e. teenagers. The hype Snapchat created in the younger generation soon after its launch is one of the biggest of why Snapchat is the most successful app today.

Final Words

Not every strategy works for every app. To create a successful app, one needs to follow a systematic approach of app development to ensure widespread visibility. Understanding the target audience, the areas where they tend to struggle or things that frustrate them the most is the first and foremost thing. After that, it’s down to your solution, which needs to be ultra-simple yet effective to address their issues. Following this simple maxim can go a long way in ensuring your app success.  Finally, you need to look for an expert mobile application development company that can understand your requirement and accordingly build a mobile app to make the maximum impact on your target audience. 

October 13, 2018



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