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Web 3.0 Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 45.20%,
accounting to be US$ 87761.35 million by 2030.

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How You Benefit With Web 3.0 Development Services?

Explore endless benefits & new revenue generation stream with emerging technologies getting added to your business venture.

No Third-Party Service

Eliminates the need for third-party service providers which further minimizes the overall cost & helps stay more competitive.

Greater Transparency

With blockchain everyone on the network has access to the ledger of transactions which adds more to the transparency.

Enhanced Accountability

With every transaction being monitored, businesses will be clearly held responsible for whatever action they take.

Added Security

Web 3.0 development services make it difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive data, and update or delete the same.

Better Customer Relation

Boost trust & credibility among your customers with every transaction being stored on a decentralized ledger.

Supply Chain Management

Reduce supply chain hurdles with Web 3.0 development services that help identify any problems instantly.

Fuel Growth For Your Business
With Advanced Web 3.0 Development Services

Trust the top Web3 development company to leverage from wide range of web 3.0 development
services to cater your business specific requirements.


We have a team of Web3.0 developers having expertise in Solidity, Golang & several other frameworks to deliver next-gen dApps.


Now build pioneering DeFi solutions like cross-chain DeFi exchanges, DeFi tokens, etc. with our service designed for Web3 development.


Leverage emerging technologies like blockchain, AR, VR, etc. to create futuristic metaverse applications and assets for your business.


Launch your customized Web3 NFT marketplace to enable secure buying & selling of digital assets on your web3 platforms.

Smart Contract

Automate your business processes & drive complete transparency with highly secure & reliable smart contracts as per the web3 standards.

Web3 Gaming

Meet the evolving development needs of gaming industry with our expertise in next-gen game development tools.


Build advanced multi-chain web3 solutions & dApps to let users access numerous Web3 platforms and participate in trading.

Native Payment

Create digital wallets with our Web3.0 development services to let your users stores & manage their native currency on the platform.


Give your users a safe and secure environment with an SSI identity system that works on various decentralized ecosystems.

Harness the Power Of Full Spectrum
Web3 Development Services To Help
Your Business Outgrow

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Features To Empower Growth For Your Web3
Development Solutions

Code Brew offers all exclusive features to make sure Web3 development solutions we deliver perfectly
integrate with your business goals.

Build Unique & Feature-Loaded Solutions
With Our Web3.0 Development Services Now

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Futuristic Technologies We
Implement In Web 3.0 Development

As a leading Web3.0 development company, we bring on table innovative
techniques to deliver solutions that are par excellence.


Decentralize the controls to the users with a distributed ledger to store business information in nodes which cannot be altered or deleted.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI solutions to enable smooth machine-to-machine interactions, reduce need for expensive data centers, & humanize user search.

Machine Learning

Build data-oriented web solutions with implementation of ML apps to transform traditional service structures.

Augmented Reality

Create engaging user experiences using AR elements in traditional applications with revolutionary AR-aided virtual space.

Virtual Reality

Deploy 360-degree internet resources using interactive, visualized elements to create robust VR frameworks for your solution.

Internet of Things

Simplify the delivery of sophisticated information using IoT to build result-oriented machine-to-machine communication.

Industries Transformed With Our Web3.0 Development Services

We help startups, SMBs & enterprises across different verticals to transform their businesses with the help of our Web3 development services.


Web 3.0 Game Development


NFT Web 3.0 Development


Web 3.0 Social Media Platform Development


Web 3.0 Real Estate Platform Development


Web 3.0 Store Development


Web 3.0 Education Platform Development

Need Web3.0 Development Services For Some Other Need?
We’ve a team of expert Web3 developers to cater your
business-specific requirements.

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Tech Stack To Build High-End Web3.0 Solutions

Our Web3.0 development company deploys new tools & technologies to
transform the future of brands like yours.

Our Holistic Web3.0
Development Process

From idea to implementation, we have got all your web3.0 development needs covered under one roof.

Project Mapping

We start with requirement analysis of your project, understanding priorities & potential challenges.

UI/UX Design

With the acquired data, we further proceed with designing the prototype for your Web3 solution.


Our experienced team of Web3.0 developers will build customized solution as per your requirement.

Testing & Deployment

The solution goes thorough series of tests before we deploy the same in the live environment.

Maintenance & Support

To ensure success for your Web3 solution, we offer extensive monitoring and maintenance services.

Trust Our Result-Oriented Approach To
Build Out-Of-The Box Solutions With Web3
Development Services.

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Why Choose Block Brew As Your Web3.0
Development Company?

We’re passionate about Web3 development services and have the
knack to build users-oriented web3 apps.

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Straight From Our Clients Heart!

They have unlocked their success & gained a competitive edge with our enterprise software development services.

I think CodeBrew Labs is passionate enough about what we’re doing and really wants to help grow and support that. I think that’s why our relationship has lasted as long as it has and continues to do so.

Neil Patwardhan
Founder, Skoop

CodeBrew Labs was an excellent partner to work with on the Safecity Mobile app which crowdsources sexual violence in public spaces. The team was very attuned to our needs, worked in tandem with our team, we're open to suggestions and did a quality job whilst adhering to timelines. The feedback we have received is that the app is really well designed and easy to use. I would highly recommend CodeBrew Labs.

ElsaMarie D'Silva
Founder, Red Dot Foundation
Hasan Dridi
IT Manager at Salem Tn

Overall CodeBrew Labs gave us what we wanted, albeit slightly over budget. They stayed on schedule most of the time, and were thorough in their responses... The work was well done and I would potentially use them again and refer them.

Amar Bhakta
CEO, Naseeb
Vivianne Mai
Founder, Cycl App

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Web 3.0 Solution?

The cost to build a Web3.0 solution will depend on numerous factors like the app complexity, the feature required, etc. We would love to know your exact requirements to present a quote for the same.

How Much Time Will It Take To Create My Web 3.0 Solution?

With us, it would take 70% less time than it takes anywhere else. Reason being- we have a vast experience & expertise in building Web 3.0 solutions.

Which Technology Stack Do You Follow To Build Web 3.0 Apps?

As stated above, to make robust & scalable Web 3.0 apps we count on decentralized and smart technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and others.

Do You Provide Web 3.0 Consulting Services?

Yes, we are the early adopters of this service and we have developed enough understanding of evolving Web 3.0 over the last few years.

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