The What and Why Of Mobile App Onboarding

Before diving deep into the ocean of Onboarding, let’s first get familiar with the term. Basically, onboarding is the introduction to your app for new users. It can be about its features or benefits. If you are an app owner or an entrepreneur, then this article will clear all your doubts regarding onboarding and help you to make a revenue-generating mobile app.

So, let’s begin.

What is Onboarding?

App onboarding is just like you are visiting a showroom to buy a new car whose features you are not acquainted with. A salesperson will then give you a walkthrough of all the features, telling you what they are, what they do and how to use them. Same is the case with onboarding, the first impression is everything here. Onboarding is the introduction to your app just like the salesman introducing you about the new car.

Click On The Screen To See How Onboarding Works

To make an impactful impression on your users, you can show useful steps of the app, kind of guided navigation for first-time users. Onboarding is a crucial stage for the users as it will guide them on how to use the app. The better your users understand your app, the more engagement you will get. Now that we have a clear idea about onboarding, let’s learn about its types. There are three types of Mobile App Onboarding:

Function-oriented Onboarding- The main function of this onboarding is to show the most useful features to the users. It is used to perform common actions and give useful insight into the app.

Benefits-oriented Onboarding- Through the benefit based onboarding, your audience will get familiar with the values and/or benefits of the app. This is a basic step toward using the app.

Progressive Onboarding- This progressive onboarding is used to show the new information to the users. It will progressively navigate new users through the app so they can understand how things work.

No matter what onboarding you use, but your focus must revolve around the user understanding toward the app.

Importance of Onboarding

As an experienced mobile app development company Dubai in New York, we know it is difficult for every new user to explore the app for the first time. Creating a positive first impression is fundamental to the success of an app. Onboarding familiarizes your new app users and makes them comfortable with the app so that they can use it seamlessly. According to the survey by Localytics, 21% of users abandon an app after one use. And why not, some apps are really confusing and hard to navigate. Users lose their interest when it doesn’t have good UI and navigation. At this point, onboarding steps in and save the users from quitting the app.

Tips for a Great app onboarding

Keep it short- A new user is always excited to use your app and explore its features. So, don’t tangle them in the long and boring onboarding journey. Prioritize the main features and benefits of the app, this will enhance the core value of your app plus encourage the users to use new features. If your user is able to see that there are only 3-4 steps of onboarding, they are more likely to pay attention to the app onboarding

Easy Sign-up Process- The sign-up and sign-in processes must be simple, easy and fast. Only try to get the useful information you need. If the sign-in process is complicated, your users may get frustrated and end up uninstalling and switching to another service provider. Try to add login through Google, Facebook, or other email address, this will help the user to log in seamlessly without any problem.

Don’t ask for too many permissions- Asking too much information can put a negative impression of your app. So, take only information that you need like phone number and email address. For example, if you are taking permission for accessing someone’s contacts you need to give a valid reason for that. Like the Xiomi needs your contacts’ permission for running the GPS app. No reason for that, right?

Preview App content- This is one way through which you can let the app users use the core feature of the app and then ask them to sign-up. This can help you take relevant details from the customer.


Now that we have reached the culmination of this article, I am sure you have a deep understanding of onboarding and its importance. Remember, you have only one chance to impress your users. They will either stay or uninstall your app right away. If onboarding is done correctly, then you have a bright chance of people loving your app. The onboarding is something that needs to be given more attention if you want to make a user-friendly app. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

May 2, 2019



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