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Why Marketplaces?

  • The US Center for Global Enterprise this year valued the global market for online platform-based companies at US$4.3 trillion.
  • Most marketplaces hitting the right niches experience exponential growth-rates, with some reaching the billion dollar mark in a matter of months.
  • Marketplaces need very little in terms of extraneous resources to kick-off – capital from investors and the right technology can help you immensely.
  • Consumers are changing the way they buy, preferring utility to asset ownership, favouring the marketplace model over the conventional.

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People were doing business with one another through the Internet already, through bulletin boards. But on the Web, we could make it interactive, we could create an auction, we could create a real marketplace.

-PIERRE OMIDYAR, Founder of eBay


Surging Competition

With more and more players eyeing this market, competition is getting intense in almost every vertical.

Chicken and Egg Dilemma

The standard challenge of balancing the demand and supply side of things with your online marketplace.


Businesses may fall as fast as they rise – sometimes even overnight, which majorly discourages players.

Regulatory Hurdles

The new ways of doing business come with their own regulatory burdens, from governments and yet other businesses.


We can supply the right platform for your marketplace startup to bloom.

Our big data and analytics-oriented expertise can help solve freight management issues, along with giving you an idea of changing consumer needs.

What Do Our Clients Say?

  • iuncta

    Not only did Code Brew Labs get the job done, they provided expert insights and recommendations which I wasn’t aware of going in.

    Swale, iUncta

  • Connected

    Code Brew has done an exceptional job so far. The amount of personalization, effort and consultation they offered within the first two months of our collaboration has encouraged me to continue our work. It has been a good decision.

    Zack, Connected

  • Lokatrain

    We could not have asked for a better partner than the Code Brew Labs team. We truly feel like they are part of the LokaTrain team and family instead of seeing them as a service provider. They have shown tremendous passion and know-how, and the trust and relationship we have built will last for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

    Walid, Loka Train

  • Rebound

    They were a great partner to work in terms of meeting all of my needs and being flexible. Their creative thinking for the project and flexibility when dealing with my terms of time-line made them a right partner for me.

    Eric Warner, Rebound

  • Artground

    Code Brew Labs performed exceptionally well and I was really satisfied with their service and commitment.

    David, ARTGround

  • Breakmates

    We were extremely pleased with the services provided by Code Brew Labs. They worked diligently through our project and allowed for quick turnaround on deliverables.


  • skoop

    I think Code Brew is passionate enough about what we’re doing and really wants to help grow and support that. I think that’s why our relationship has lasted as long as it has and continues to do so.


  • powwow

    Their customer services are something that really makes them different. They are very accommodating and work as your partners and not just a development company. They maintained the communication channel between us and the company and kept us updated at every stage of the project.


  • Reminisce

    What impressed me was that Code Brew Labs was able to do stuff that a lot of other companies couldn’t do. I was thinking maybe this app wasn’t possible to build, but when I brought it to Code Brew Labs, they knew how to do it, and they did a good job.


  • myguard

    I’ve been in business for 45 years and very seldom do I come across people like them [Code Brew Labs] who actually do what they say they’re going to do.

    My Guard

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