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SCM Solutions

Comprehensive SCM Services that Visualize Your Business in Real-time

Businesses that are engaged in manufacturing operations should be aware of the supply chain management system at all times.

From supervising the supplier performance to transportation, competition at a global level, delivery times, boosting and changing demands, customer and inventory management – supply chain deals with a whole lot of areas. Code Brew provides a complete suite of SCM solutions that assist manufacturers to direct every connection link of the supply chain to boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

SCM Solutions

SCM Services

How Code Brew Helps Your Company In Supply Chain Management?

An active supply chain is necessary for competing in today’s market place which is completely customer-driven. This is the reason why we provide customized services, which are capable of offering 20/20 insight inside the supply chain, and the tools that are needed to keep a check and make alteration. Code Brew offers an end to end support — from customer and supplier partnership to the global inventory administration and execution of the supply chain. Code Brew’s SCM solutions might help you to mechanize your processes, get rid of inefficiencies, and simply gain the visibility that you need in order to sense and react to fluctuations.


  • Our team of professional experts provides consulting services for quality in the supply chain
  • Prosperous experience in integrated business management, and performance administration, including supply chain analytics, reporting, and unremitting improvement
  • Proficiency in integrating positioning and tracking technology such as RFID readers, Internet of Things devices, and beacon frames
  • SCM solutions supporting purchase patterns and lifecycle of goods with delivery channels and schedules
  • Digital based solutions that focus completely on user engagement