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Real Estate

The real estate industry is evolving much faster than our imaginations. And thus there is the growing need for implementing sophisticated solutions that could manage an array of tasks at a time

Dealing with the changing customer’s demand, workforce management, compliance adherence, information management, leasing management and others ; we provide solutions for all.

Handling the intense pressures related to boosting the profits, on time project delivery and managing the operational costs – real estate industry is definitely trying hard to surpass the expectations. Code Brew understands the challenges and complexities involved in the real estate industry.

We at Code Brew focus to bring automation with our innovative solutions that are aimed to bridge the gap with our effective services.

Our Key Service Offerings

  • Brokrage Management Services
  • Employee Relocation Service
  • Asset Management offerings
  • Advisory services
  • Construction management

What Should we Do ?

To facilitate the industry with our highly innovative solutions, we have partnered with a range of real estate investors, owners and operators with the sole aim of deploying industry’s best solutions and reduce the costs.

  • Business development – Opportunity management, marketing and sales, design and
  • Real estate operations – lease management, common area management and portfolio management.
  • Resource management – materials and workforce management, tools management.
  • Project management – portfolio monitoring, project execution, contract management and others.


  • Focus on your core real estate business while our developers will manage the IT services you seek to deploy
  • Easily align IT with your business goals by coupling out time-to-market capabilities
  • All solutions that are provided hold strict compliance with regulatory and fiscal changes pertaining to real estate industry

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