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Hospitality and
Wellness Industry

Hospitality and wellness industry is all-set to experience the big evolution. In this ever changing marketplace, hotel companies are working hard to deliver the promise of excellence that they have done so far from the shortage of skilled resources to branding, keeping pace with the global distribution revolution, the hospitality industry has a lot of tasks to handle.

Code Brew is a full service player that serves the hospitality and wellness industry through its wide range of services – project management, infrastructure management, application development and support and business process management. Code Brew delivers solutions for hospitality and wellness industry consisting of clients related to resorts, hotels, restaurants and others.

Our Key Service Offerings

  • Ecommerce implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Human resources
  • Management of customer interaction
  • Database management
  • Administration of loyalty bonus program
  • Account management
  • RFID guest recognition

Partner with us and unwind the various services that we offer, aiming to boost your productivity and revenue.

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