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Good education is the backbone of a strong nation. The goal of Educational institutions is to prepare students as good citizens and to make them able to employ themselves in some industry to have a future. Similarly, Corporate training focuses on the overall development and grooming of their technology skills.

Code Brew has taken the initiative of collaborating with schools, universities and companies to help students meet their learning objectives. Combining classroom knowledge with high- end digital technology, we help the education industry by developing performance and talent management portals.

We also provide learning management solutions as per the industry’s standards to promote social learning. Our content development solutions have a more comprehensive approach covering course plans that meet various standards and certifications (W3C, QTI, and AICC). Schools, colleges, universities and other related clientele can also seek our services to improve their administrative management with our wide range of CRM and ERP services.

Our Key Service Offerings

  • Prototype development of learning models
  • Implementing learning solutions
  • Adoption of learning tools
  • Effectiveness analysis with framework
  • Development solutions in accordance with certification standards.
  • Score based system to improve course efficiency and assessment accuracy.

Code Brew Labs takes pride in showcasing the work of its highly talented team of learning-development professionals. Our professionals collaborate with the clients to Mobile App design and Mobile App Development effective learning solutions that are in accordance with the business requirements.

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