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Cloud Solutions

Easily Accessible Enterprise Systems. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Power Of Cloud Engineering

Enterprises have undergone digital transformation and are taking their business to next level. Cloud engineering has contributed the most in modernizing the applications and scaling the businesses. Cloud data helps in fetching real-time insights that have a direct impact on enterprise methodologies. Informed decisions with business cost optimization is a result of efficient use of cloud solutions. To sum it up, an enterprise must use cloud solutions for the following benefits:

  • Scalable and Flexible

    Scale-up operations as per your resources and requirement

  • Great Speed

    Get your services running within a few hours with cloud data

  • Affordable Data Center

    Optimize your business costs by investing in a cloud database

  • Easy Maintenance

    Release updates without any complications

Cloud Solutions By Code Brew Labs

Code Brew Labs provides cloud services and solutions as per your enterprise’s ecosystem and requirement. We aim to provide greater efficiency in streamlining daily operations of any business organization.

  • Cloud readiness evaluation of your enterprise
  • Customized cloud strategy as per business specifications
  • Cloud Engineering, Development and Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Seamless and secure third party system integrations
  • Real-time dedicated support
  • Secure deployment without any data loss

Automated Cloud Migration

Code Brew Labs has expert cloud migration team that efficiently executes your cloud migration without losing any of your data. Following an end to end process, we ensure that all your applications, workloads etc. are migrated from source environment to destination environment by following a detailed project plan that we make prior to the migration.

First, we analyze the source and destination environment. Accordingly, we choose the most suitable software and tools as per customer needs. All the applications and workloads are transferred securely. Once the data is migrated successfully, it is rigorously tested at the destination environment to make sure that everything is secure and fully functional the way it was at the source environment.

Cloud Integration

We follow a seamless process of integrating cloud platforms with other platforms (cloud as well as other). With a complete cloud strategy and project plan, Code Brew Labs has an expert team that can perform following Cloud Integration tasks:

  • Integration of different SAAS products

  • Integration of multiple clouds

  • Integration of on-premise platforms with different clouds

  • Cloud services testing

Data Engineering

Understanding the power of data, we ensure that all your data can be managed through clouds. With easier accessibility, cloud databases provide real-time information on various pointers or metrics. Rely on our data engineering team that is expert in the following:

  • Cloud Database Creation

  • Data Management using SQL and NoSQL on cloud platforms

DevOps and Support

Code Brew Labs relies on its DevOps team when it comes to continuous provision of services to any of the clients. We offer dedicated support that keeps your services up and running. Following are the roles and responsibilities of our DevOps team:

  • System Monitoring

  • Issue Handling

  • Software and Application Versioning

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Training

  • 24*7 Customer Support