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Android Developer

When work is to really get down and dirty into the expansive android platform and a lot of it’s various apis. You sure are in to learn great stuff in a very short time.

Code Brew Labs is looking for a skilled android developer who has experience of building good chunk of mobile apps.We assure you a pipeline of projects that will expand your learning by many folds.


  • Building mobile apps for all range of android devices.
  • Implementing REST apis and working with third party apis.


  • Proficient in native android development.
  • Expert on object oriented programming especially Java.
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Tier 1 or 2 colleges.
  • Good understanding of databases and SQLite in general.
  • Good understanding of working with REST Web Services.
  • Good understanding of caching strategies,asynchronous calls ,using fragments.
  • Good understanding of GIT and all it’s related operations.
  • Experience of atleast an year.Min. 2 apps should be live on play store.

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