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We are here to help you launch your own crypto wallet

Wallets play a crucial role in streamlining crypto transactions and other operations. That’s why we are here to offer you a reliable crypto wallet solution meeting all your investment and online transactions needs. The zeal of bringing the best in the market made us focus on trader-friendly UI.

With the in-depth industry knowledge & sudden demand of cryptocurrencies off-late, our crypto wallet supports a series of crypto tokens & many other blockchain products. Additionally, it supports DeFi (decentralized finance) and CeFi (centralized finance) products too. This all leads to welcoming you into the world of digital finances.

Our development team has blended its technical expertise with the latest crypto trends to ensure a full-proof product is ready for you.

So, brace yourself to leverage our white-label crypto wallet now. Kick-start it all with a quick discussion with our subject matter experts and share your customizable demands.

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Why Our Crypto Wallet Adds Value
to Your Crypto Experience

Being a highly competitive and chosen crypto solution development company, we ensure to deliver
result-oriented solutions meeting all your needs. Let’s take you through our cryptocurrency solution
development suite to give you a fair idea of what we can do for you.

Crypto Wallet App

Centralized Wallet

We value your crucial information thus offer a full-proof secured crypto wallet. Our major focal point is to secure the users’ private keys effectively.

Defi Wallet App

DeFi Wallet

Enabling your users to an excess complete suite of features while safeguarding the stored funds and private keys. All of this is intact with institutional grade-level security.

NFT Wallet App

NFT Wallet

Seek leverage of our NFT wallet development services incorporated with better security storage and liberty to transact a series of NFT tokens whenever required.

Mobile Wallet App

Mobile Wallet

Get quick access to the crypto wallet on your iOS or Android devices. We make it possible with our mobile crypto wallet development services.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Centralized Wallet

We value your crucial information thus offer a full-proof secured crypto wallet. Our major focal point is to secure the users’ private keys effectively.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

DeFi Wallet

Enabling your users to an excess complete suite of features while safeguarding the stored funds and private keys. All of this is intact with institutional grade-level security.

End-to-End White Label Crypto Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Customize, Deploy & Introduce Your Full-Proof Crypto Wallet in a Week!

The market stats reveal the global cryptocurrency market to reach $4.9 billion by the end of 2030. So, why not contribute your part to it? The huge success rate in minimal time epoch has already made hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs kickstart a crypto venture right away. And that’s where we can act as your helping hand.

Our industry-rich knowledge and experienced techies make cryptocurrency wallet development a hassle-free procedure for you. Plus, we have introduced the end-to-end white label solution development giving you the complete authority of picking the required set of features and functionalities. All we need is to hear your expectations.

So, join hands with our professionals, share your customizable demands, sit back, relax and wait for your solution.

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Wave off The Hassle of Safeguarding Private Keys

One of the biggest dilemmas of cryptocurrency financing and processing is complete dependency on wallet keys. Plus, millions of crypto account holders have reported a loss of access to their personal accounts due to the loss of crypto private keys. As a result, cryptocurrencies worth million of dollars remain unclaimed forever.

Here, we ensure to address all such issues and come up with a robust solution to all your private key hassles. We made it possible with our white label crypto wallet using facial recognition to validate account access.

Our keyless wallet segregates the private key into two mathematical secret shares. While one share is stored on the admin server others can be accessed via users’ devices (in the form of facial recognition feature). The best part is the user requires validation on both mathematical secret shares to access the account.

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Wallet App Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

Our end-to-end cryptocurrency wallet is intact with features enabling faster and more secured crypto transactions. So, explore, implement and taste crypto success with our solution.

Crypto Wallet App

Buy Crypto Tokens with Credit Card

Our crypto wallet enables users to buy different cryptocurrencies using a credit card without hampering the secured online payment experience.

Exchange Crypto App

In-Chat Transactions

The in-built chat functionality lets users exchange crypto assets with no limit restrictions. Plus, there is no need of switching to an external crypto exchange platform.

White Label Crypto Wallet

Improved Privacy

Our custodial end-to-end white label crypto wallet replaces the private keys with independently crafted mathematical secret shares. This strengthens crypto security.

Create Crypto Wallet App

View API Connections to Crypto Exchanges

A fully secured API connection with reliable crypto exchange mediums enables users to sell or buy crypto tokens effortlessly.

White Label Crypto Wallet App

Hybrid Compatibility

Our end-to-end white label crypto wallet supports Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. With this we let you provide your end-users with a highly secured infrastructure.

Customization Blockchain Wallet App


Sail through all cryptocurrencies and toggle them to amend in your home screen page, whenever required. It’s just that simple!

QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner

Skip the hassle of copying or entering the wrong crypto address. Eliminate these struggles with an automatic QR code scanner entering all required details in seconds.

NFC Support

NFC Support

Near field communication promotes the swift exchange of crypto assets between two users. All the users need is to tap on the NFC tag to share details.

Auto Denial Feature

Auto Denial Feature

The solution is developed smartly to let it detect and deny duplicate payments to avoid chargebacks.

KYC Verification

KYC Verification

The legitimate use of crypto solutions saves you from huge financial losses. That’s why we have incorporated our solution with a geography-based KYC verification process.

Multi-Layer Protection

Multi-Layer Protection

Reinforced with industry’s best security practices so your end users can enjoy unlimited crypto token transactions while storing multiple crypto assets effectively.

Why We Ensure to Deliver
a Full-Proof White-Label
Crypto Wallet?

Advanced features deciding the success of our crypto wallet.

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Crypto Wallet App
Wallet App Development
Biometric Validation

Biometric authentication steps like - fingerprint or face recognition legitimize each transaction initiated. This shows a direct impact on the stored crypto assets.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company
The Seed Phrase

Enable secured crypto transactions allowing effortless wallet recovery, in case of data loss or transfer.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company
Two-Tier Authentication

Incorporated two-tier authentication to strengthen security measures keeping your crypto wallet data safe and secured.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company
Password-Protected Controls

A password-security check implemented to ensure safe login by the registered user only. So, fix a strong password and forget worries.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company
Session Out Feature

In case of no user activity for a limited period, the crypto wallet session times out logging the user out temporarily.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services
Multi-signature Compatibility

With this, the user can make two registered users the co-signer to approve withdrawal transactions for a specific time duration.

Explore Its Perks For
Your Venture

Explaining the reasons why you should be trusting our white-label solution for your business’s success.

  • Hassle-free management of cryptocurrencies
  • The seamless operational flow of crypto wallet
  • Improved transaction rate and efficiency
  • Highly secured infrastructure
  • Market ready solution
  • Trusted by more than 10,000 clients worldwide
  • A perfect standalone solution for all your crypto business needs
  • Easy-to-use for end-users and noobs
  • Linked to other crypto exchange platforms
Create Crypto Wallet App

Our Crypto Wallet Development Process

We have designed a four-tier development cycle to keep everything in alignment with overall product progress.



Our major focal point is to contextualize blockchain technology for your business while comprehending all the needs in one solution. Meanwhile, we pay heed to the rising challenges and ideal ways to overcome them.



Besides ensuring a robust crypto wallet, we assist our clients to be ready for market disruption with our reliable solutions. The sole aim is to anticipate the impact of your business & support the crypto market to upgrade.



Our team designs and architects a crypto wallet that lets you taste success in the crypto market. Moreover, we focus on engaging stakeholders to strengthen their cryptocurrency market base.



We pay special attention to implementing and authorizing the crypto wallet solution changes. Additionally, we ensure to be there even after delivering the solution. This assists to deploy and maintain the solution effectively.

Reasons to Trust Our Developers

By joining hands with our developers, you can open the gateway to seamless product customization, and technical support throughout the time. Plus, we hold expertise in developing and launching crypto solutions that add to your success rate.

Team of experts

With more than 300 in-house techies we assure to assist our clients in the best possible way. From bringing the best idea to the table to executing a robust solution for your business needs, we have you covered.

24*7 support

We continue to be a part of your technical support even after delivering the complete solution. That’s when we take care of product maintenance and timely updates.

Progressive outcomes

We believe in keeping the development phase progressive and transparent thus we keep our clients in the loop throughout the procedure.

Robust development

Since the market is all about product personalization, we keep our eyes on customizable features adding value to the target audience’s experience. All of this is combined with a coherent roadmap for seamless deployment.

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Keyless crypto wallets split the private keys among the owner server and your device. This is done in the form of a 3D face scan or any other mode of biometric authentication. This means you need both keys to access the wallet.
The overall cost to build a crypto wallet depends on the features incorporated. This rule implies everything including - keyless wallets, NFT, etc. Talking about cost, a white-label solution tends to prove more cost-effective than a fully-customizable one. So, choose wisely.
The overall security of a crypto wallet depends on the security features infused like biometric authentication, password-protected tier, two-factor validation access, and much more.
A keyless crypto wallet eradicates the hassle of remembering those long and complex private keys. Plus, it adds a lot more to the security purposes of the crypto wallet and the information stored in it.

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