Avoid Top 5 mistakes While Developing A Business Mobile App

A mobile app can act as a tool that will help in boosting your sales. It can also assist in improving and enhancing internal business criteria. These days mobile app for a business is a must-have afeature that you should surely offer to your audience. This will grab their attention towards your business and help you convert your target audience into your prospect customers.

However, before going forward to the mobile development process, it’s mandatory to plan out things carefully. Because it has been witnessed that sometimes development goes wrong if it’s not planned correctly. It will affect both your budget as well as your business.

Being an expert mobile app development company in New York, we advise the clients to help them to proceed with the next stage of development. We have a vast clientele, that’s why we have broad experience in handling entrepreneur requirement.

To assist you in evading the common mistakes that usually companies do while developing their apps, we have jotted some points:

1. Lacking In Research & Testing

Before developing an app, you should be sure to do the required research and avoid taking immediate decisions. Don’t conclude by analyzing only 5-10 top results shown by Google. Dive deep into research and check every aspect. Always remember that each business is different, so is their app. That’s why it is suggested that first clear the app requirement in your mind in terms of functionality, features, UI, UX and then look for the most similar examples to your app ideas.

Before discussing your app idea with a mobile app development company, You should initially clear yourself about the concept. Then only the outcome would be similar to your desired result. So, begin thinking carefully about the primary goal of your app, target audience and the best way to reach them. In case you want to earn money with your app you should think about a monetization strategy. Besides, it’s highly-recommended to analyze your competitors and determine how you are going to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Many people have an idea in mind, but they lack technical knowledge. So it is termed as a drawback. Referring to technical expertise does not mean you need to be an app developer. You need this much understanding that there could be ten alternative ways in which an app idea can be executed. Most importantly it is mandatory that your app fits the market requirement and standards. You can optimize your app by developing a minimum viable product (MVP) and availing user reviews. It will help you measure the potential of your app.

2. Defining Real-time budget

For developing an app, you must have a good budget. Because developing a feature-rich app requires a high cost. To develop an app requires a dedicated team of developers, designers, marketing experts. Of course, the app can be designed at low cost as well, but maybe you will not receive the outstanding results.

In the mobile app industry the trends keep on changing, and technologies keep on updating. So developing a mobile app is a time consuming and complicated task. Sometimes it happens that you have an idea but not sure which type of app from native, hybrid or web suits your business model. Then you can consult a mobile app development company. It will help you decide and get the desired outcome.

Also, keep some budget for maintenance of the app. After the development phase, comes the maintenance phase which includes error correction, updation, adding new functions, etc.

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep part of your budget available for the maintenance of the app. Introducing new functions, correcting errors, updating old elements, refreshing the interface. So you must keep some budget for all these things.

3. Lack of communication and uncleared expectations

The most significant way to get real expectation from your app in terms of revenue and to get a valid budget estimation is to consult different developers and companies. After getting the cost estimate from different companies, compare them from all aspects like pricing, features, maintenance, etc. Don’t go for the lower quote, as it may lead to insignificant results.

The best way to dodge miscommunication is to discuss with the developer directly about the features and functionality required in your app. Once you have explained your requirement to the developer, they will design screens for your and embed them with the functionality. While choosing your development team don’t let money be the deciding factor. It is essential to give the budget the priority, but on the other, it’s also important to make the word class business app.

4. Overloaded Functionalities

A most common mistake is to add all types of functionalities. Having a high-end feature in your app is good. But adding all is not necessary. As adding all functionalities will increase the development cost and time. What you can do is start with an app with basic features that solves your primary purpose and then update your app with new features.

5. No Marketing Strategy

While sparing time in searching for the best mobile app development company, you must also plan a marketing strategy to promote your app. Creating a mobile app without a marketing strategy is of no use because an app without popularity will reap you no benefits.

In the past, the competition was not much high in app stores. But these days a well-researched market strategy is required to beat the competition.


Make sure to work with reliable and expert developers. No matter if it’s the first version of the app or the advanced version. It should be in the best possible way. Also, don’t forget to test your app before it’s launch. It is always better to try and test the app before launch to provide a better user experience.

April 8, 2019



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