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Our Software Development
Tech Capabilities

By adding next-gen competencies to the Crowdbotics software alternative, we
help your business level up for the future.

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Software Development Tech Capabilities
  • 01.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Efficiently tackle repetitive and time-consuming tasks that traditionally require human intervention and thus, are prone to error.

  • 02.

    Cloud Computing

    Freely scale up as computing needs increase and scale down as demands decrease without investing massively in local infrastructure.

  • 03.

    Robotic Process Automation

    The capability mimics most human-computer interactions so that a ton of business processes are carried out at high volume and speed.

  • 04.

    Internet of Things

    An ecosystem of digital systems records, monitors, and adjusts every interaction between connected things–people and processes.

  • 05.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality

    AR and VR bridge the digital and physical worlds to expand how our devices help with activities like searching for information, shopping, etc.

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How Code Brew Leads As Crowdbotics Alternative

Choose Best Business Performance.
Choose Best Alternative For Crowdbotics.

Our Software Development
Tech Capabilities

Our adept software developers use industry-relevant frameworks and programming languages to
build the most potent tech solution for you.

Why Choose Us?

Our development team builds state-of-the-art Crowdbotics alternatives from scratch keeping
in mind your custom requirements to scale growth.

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Adaptable Designs

We design an app wireframe around your business needs and add specific features that increase your chances of getting favorable business results.

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Industry-Specific Applications

Regardless of your business size or type, we craft a mobile app that consistently brings hot leads and tops the industry charts.

Post-Development icon
Post-Development Assistance

Even after you launch the app, we’re not just done yet. As it’s LIVE, we offer complete hand-holding in making updates and fixing bugs, if any.

Source Code icon
100% Access to Source Code & IP Rights

Get complete access to the tech solution’s source code and ownership of IP rights as you partner with us.

Power of AI and ML
Backed by the Power of AI and ML

All our tech platforms are backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which helps you automate organizational processes.

Prompt Support 24X7
We Offer Prompt Support 24X7

Get technical and non-technical support from us and grievance redressal on time. We’re there to resolve all your concerns 24X7.

Code Brew Leads the Way In
Building a Crowdbotics Alternative

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150+ Countries That Have
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    Custom Apps Delivered

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    Apps Developed

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    Businesses Empowered

Awards and Recognitions

Don’t take our word for it. Look how we fare for the best rating agencies in the industry.

Client Testimonials

A positive word by our clients is our best trophy. And we couldn’t be more proud.

Frequently Asked Questions

By what tentative time will the final software be delivered?

The exact time depends on the project scope and requirements. We shall tell you how much of that scope can be completed within the budget and give you a time estimate.

How do you guarantee product quality?

We keep evaluating the result after every two weeks, we run tests–development and acceptance tests–and then present you the alternative of Crowdbotics.

Will your team create prototypes and demo versions before delivering the final platform?

We follow a thorough process before handing over the tech solution. This involves defining a framework, designing a wireframe and MVP, developing and testing the platform for bugs, and finally, deploying the software.

Can the software be upgraded in the future as new technology becomes available?

Absolutely! We are always happy to improve, upgrade and home our work. As we use Agile Methodology, it allows us to make any changes and even add more features along the way.

Can I get any custom changes done during the app development process?

Your wish is our command. Whatever you want us to add or subtract from the software/app product at any time, we’ve got you covered.

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