Top 5 Android Apps and iOS Apps for November ‘16

Getting into the App Business warrants a hunger for competition and inquisitiveness to learn. Given how the app trends are being dictated by new players each month, we have compiled a list of the 5 best apps for the month of November, each of them appealing to user aspirations and business expectations. Without much ado, let us dig into the Mobile Applications that you must look to immediately download for a delightful experience.


  1. Google Wallpaper: From the onset of Smartphones to the age of ‘Uber for X’, the concept of a customised Wallpaper has never got old. For the ones looking to change the dynamics of their home screen, Google Wallpaper is the ideal solution. With Google releasing its own variant for any and every Android device, one can expect the other options to exist as obsoletes. Inculcating Google Earth views, Landscapes, stills from the cities, and a lot more, it allows users to choose from a rich graphic range, and if you like change, the app can change your wallpaper daily.

  2. Android Auto: The leading OS cares about you every time you drive, and that is why they have made way to your car’s dashboard with Android Auto. Recreating the same interface that is seen on cars, it reverse amplifies it to constrain itself in your Smartphone Screen. Allowing you to work your way around with apps like Spotify, Maps, and your dialer, it ensures that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Is it safe while driving? Well, it actually ends up driving a lot safer. Wishing Doctor Strange had a variant of this one!


  1. Flychat: You can’t imagine a Smartphone experience without any messaging, and therefore, any app helping ease your messaging woes would be worthy of a download. Flychat, which works great with Google Messenger, Twitter, Slack, DMs, and even Hangout, helps you work with multiple messaging fronts through a single app. Assisting you with the chat history within the app, it can hamper the aspirations of Facebook’s Messenger, which added the bubble feature for ease of access. If you are on Google, you have to be on Flychat, and like Google, it comes for free.

  2. Fingerprint Gestures: Who said that only the iOS folks could have all the fun when it came to fingerprint gestures. The app gives you the functionality to customise three different options, that is a single tap, double tap, and the fast tap (or swipe). These fingerprint gestures can be used to operate the navigation keys, the home page menu, tweaking the notification panel, app launchers, flashlight, and a lot more. It all comes down to how easy you wish to make the functionality of your device, and this is what the app helps you achieve.


  1. Tiles: For the ones who are looking to do more with their quick access menu, this app comes across as the ideal solution. Allowing you to impart additional functionality to your menu, it makes access to certain applications like weather and web search quite easier. Anyone working with Android’s Nougat should have no problems with the app as the latter uses the functionality of the former. Even though the application is free, users would be required to make a small payment to unlock the full potential of this app.

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