Get in Touch with most Advanced Mobile Operating System: iOS 8

Apple has introduced the new version of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPod, and iPad that is IOS 8. It is the Beta version of IOS that is available for registered Apple developers. This version has come with a whole heap of advance features which makes it totally unique from other versions. It is one of the biggest releases ever for every iPhone lovers. Apple has taken its functionality to the new level.

Health kit App

It has introduced a new app named Health that will help you to track all your health detail which you can integrate with Mayo Clinic to share this detail with your doctor.

Interactive notification center

Now we’ve interactive notification center that supports widgets. Notification center includes a ‘Today’ view and ‘All’ notification view.Now, eBay listings and sports scores are easily accessible by this feature. It allows you to add widgets that update you on package delivery.

Share App

Apple’s new sharing feature allows you to set up a ‘Family’ in your Smartphone which allow you to automatically photo streams, find my friends, share reminders and media from the iTunes sore. This feature has enhanced the beauty of this iPhone.

iCloud Integration

It is an advance feature that allows you to integrate photos. It provides you easy access to store the photos in iCloud so that it becomes easy to locate them. This app gives you new way to edit and search the existing photos.

Third- party Keyboard

It offer you classic keyboard layout. This will allow you to choose your favorite input method or layout system wide.

Touch ID

It is for the first time, when can enjoy using Touch ID to make access to the third party app. Now, there is no need to enter a password. It protects the fingerprint data and never access by other apps.

Manual Camera control

It has perfect control over focus, exposure and white balance. The AVFoundation framework has make it convenient for users to take great pictures.

Custom Action

By this option you can perform things like assign a photo to a contact or you can also print the document. Now the developers can extend these features and could make it possible to watermark document, or convert text in various language.

Due to the bold new technology, Apple has introduced this smart phone with some advance features. It is the biggest release which offers users incredible features and some advance tools to the developers to create new exciting apps.

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