WWDC, a roadmap to next generation technology of iOS 8 and much more

Apple Inc. has always been the creator of some of the world’s biggest technological wonders. This tech giant has given the world some of the best technological gadgets like iPod, iPhone, iPad and other such hardware. To provide insight about its next generation technology and products, the Cupertino based global technological leader has been organizing annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California in the month of

June since 1990s. This mega event has always been the most awaited event for the loyal Apple fans all around the globe. It reveals these crazy Apple customers what innovative product and services, the technology giant is going to offer them.

The recent WWDC event held in San Francisco was a major event, which was in everybody’s focus as to what new and exciting is being offered now and what it could possibly be. After the keynote address by the Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the great moment has finally arrived. Apple has unveiled exciting updates of its iOS mobile operating system and a revamped new look of its desktop operating system Mac OS X called as Yosemite. With these software updates, Apple has tried to bridge up the gap between its various devices like iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad2 and Mac computers. It is a well-planned effort to synchronize all Apple devices with each other for seamless sharing, multi- tasking and performance.


In this year’s conference, no new hardware device was launched rather the focus was on upgrading and improving the existing softwares. With iOS 8, the Apple has again provided huge rewards to its existing customers in terms of excellent new features, exciting apps and complete unique functionality. For the first time, Apple has made its native apps and features available to various third party applications. You can now use various third party applications seamlessly inside core Apple apps. The existing Mac OS X has been provided a unique exciting facelift with Yosemite and the software has been designed to communicate brilliantly with other Apple devices and iOS mobile operating platform.

Apart from this, Apple Inc. has announced the launch of its native programming language known as Swift. Till now, the development of the Apple apps was dependent on Objective- C but the emergence of new programming language has been a great welcome change for worldwide developers. The new apps like HealthKit, HomeKit and other features were also some of the big attractions of this mega event.

So, the wait is finally over and the tech giant is ready to rule the technological world again.

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