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Apple Inc. has always been at the forefront of path breaking technology with its innovative digital devices. iPod, iPhone and the iPad, the latest to join this prestigious league has caused a sudden storm in their respective areas. This huge technological giant has again raised the bar of sophistication and next generation technology with its latest offering of completely revamped and exciting iOS mobile platform. This is what has emerged as the major facelift of the company in the recent changing times and shows its constant aspiration for innovation and perfection.

The Cupertino based global tech leader has played his trump card again by rolling out the new iOS 8 update, which has opened up new possibilities for third party apps. This new iOS 8 has relaxed the rigid native app functionality for other third party apps development. It is a major break- through step which will bring the tech giant close to the numerous other third party apps. Now, you can use popular apps like Touch ID, extensions for widgets and other iOS features with other third party app also. The new iOS update works seamlessly with Apple devices like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod 5th generation, iPad 2, Macbook and other such numerous devices. The iOS 8 has bridged the gap between smart phones, tablets and computers and has synchronized all these digital devices with each other. With this new update, you can add voice messages in your text messages, keep your health and fitness in check with our fitness apps, use smart predictive keyboard features while typing, edit your beautiful photographs with various photo editing features, share and save any important file, data, photos with our cloud storage and data sharing platforms. The iOS 8 is a complete unique exciting mobile platform in terms of enhanced functionality and superb user interface.

With this iOS update, Apple Inc. has given liberty to Apple loyal customers to access third party apps like Whatsapp, photo editing apps and other applications directly with the core native apps of the Apple. Now, the various outsource freelance developers can create wonderful iOS app and can take full advantage of the availability of various native Apple apps to third party applications. It offers exciting opportunities to third party developers who can now easily use some of tech giant interesting features in their respective apps. The new exciting iOS 8 mobile platform means there is a lot for everyone both the users and third party app developers.

So, embrace this golden opportunity and create exciting apps for this all new exciting iOS platform.

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